OPIP Meetings & Presentations

Note: Do not cite or reproduce content without appropriate citation. Prior written permission may be required to access some materials. Please contact OPIP if you would like to view such documents. Please click the following links to move to the appropriate section below: 1. Meetings Facilitated by OPIP2. Regional & National Presentations Meetings Facilitated by OPIP Reuland, C. Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership: Partner Meeting. March 17, 2020. Portland, OR. Stakeholder Meeting with Rita Mangione-Smith, MD:Reuland, C., Mangione-Smith, R. Complex Care Management for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN). Stakeholder Meeting with Rita Mangione-Smith, MD: August 2016, Portland, OR. Stakeholder Meeting with … Continue reading OPIP Meetings & Presentations